Monday :: Sep 26, 2005

Bush On O'Connor Pick: No More White Males

by Steve

Well, Bush this morning all but said that his pick for the O'Connor seat will be a female or minority; no more white guys need apply. After saying that "diversity" is key with his next pick, we know several things:

1. Laura's desire for a female nominee may win out;

2. No more white males need apply, no Luttig or McConnell;

3. Bush would look pretty stupid if he goes with a white male after saying this;

4. Yes, it does still leave Owen, Rogers Brown, the two Ediths in play;

5. Is this a preemptive code for defending himself with a Gonzales pick, given the pressure from Hispanics?

And of course he gets a two-fer if he puts up a black or Hispanic female for the slot, someone like Consuelo Maria Callahan, who won confirmation to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2003 by a 99-0 vote. If Bush is drunk with power, he’ll stupidly think he can get Rogers Brown through. But if he wants to please Laura and his Hispanic supporters, keep an eye on Callahan.

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