Monday :: Sep 26, 2005

Four Years And No Policy Later, Bush Now Says Conservation Is In Vogue

by Steve

To me there is something symbolic about the fact that on the same day Don Adams from “Get Smart” fame died, a failed Texas oil man stressed the need for carpooling and conserving gas, four years after his Vice President said that conservation was a “personal virtue.” We would have been better off these last four years if Maxwell Smart had been in charge of our energy policy.

A man who claims he pays no attention to polls suddenly is talking about gasoline supply and demand, and the best he can do is make a pitch for more nuclear power plants, which will do about as much to heat homes this winter and put more gas in everyone’s tank as Don Adams can right now. Not any mention of raising CAFÉ standards passed his lips, though. Maybe Bush and Cheney can retreat to the Cone of Silence to figure out what to do next.

Hat tip to DavidNYC at Dkos and Atrios.

Update: Read this fine write-up on the underappreciated Don Adams over at J. Kingston Pierce's site Limbo.

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