Monday :: Sep 26, 2005

Bush Rehires Michael Brown

by Steve

I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a man who helped deliver Florida to Bush in 2000 wouldn't be sent packing for Katrina. CBS News' Gloria Borger reported late today that, when no one was looking, the Bush Administration has rehired former FEMA chief Michael Brown as a consultant to tell them what went wrong with the federal government's response to Katrina.

It's kinda like having Alberto Gonzales be put in charge of finding out why we abuse detainees. Oh, wait.....

Update: Brown it appears never left the FEMA payroll, and has been getting paid all along, and will continue to do so for another two weeks. But at least he's consistent: he continues to blame the locals for not evacuating the city sooner, still incredibly ignorant that they didn't have the resources to do this, or that his boss Chertoff had the authority to do whatever he damn well pleased since Bush's declaration. A sad sack this much in denial needs to go back to mismanaging Arabian horses until Bush gives him his Presidential Medal of Freedom.

(Thanks to readers Judith and Kim Stewart for the tip)

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