Tuesday :: Sep 27, 2005

Does The Public Really Care How Much Gas Bush Burns Trying To Look Like He Cares?

by Steve

Yes, I love to knock around Bush; he’s an easy target. But after battering him for his pathetic response to Katrina, the truth is that Rove made sure the images of Bush dealing with Rita were far different, even if the storm was much less destructive than Katrina. The federal government did go to school on Katrina, and although Texas governor Rick Perry made his share of mistakes, the feds dumped more resources and did a better job saving Texas than they did in helping Louisiana; there’s no surprise there. Bush will get a small bump in the polls from at least looking like he was engaged in directing the response to Rita, even if it was a smokescreen.

But after bashing the guy for the lame response to Katrina, where the feds went to school at the expense of a thousand lives, the media wants to make up for its four years of complicity in Bush’s mismanagement of everything by now tagging him for burning too much fuel acting like a leader in dealing with Rita. Please, give it up. You can’t have it both ways, bashing him for doing little with Katrina, and then tweaking him for appearing to do too much about Rita. I would wager that if you asked Joe SixpackLunchBox if it was more important for Bush to get off his ass and do something when these crises hit, or whether it was more important for him to save gas, Joe SixpackLunchBox would not care too much about how much jet fuel Air Force One is using to make Bush look good.

Besides, with the Conference Board reporting this morning that consumer confidence and expectations tanking this month in the aftermath of Katrina, and with Iraq staring at civil war, Joe SixpackLunchBox may not care too much right now about Bush’s efforts to rehabilitate his image.

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