Wednesday :: Sep 28, 2005

Dreier Gets Hit With A Blunt Object - No, Not Gannon

by Steve

Well, it turns out that my initial hopes of Denny Hastert abandoning the Tom DeLay corruption cesspool were misplaced. In a move that shows how dependent the House GOP is on the DeLay machine, the caucus moved to install another smarmy looking bastard, Missouri representative Roy Blunt, as the new Majority Leader instead. Blunt is a DeLay lieutenant, who is almost as corrupt as DeLay is, and is knee-deep with indicted GOP super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

As Ed Kilgore noted today, (and as we said months ago), the big picture of corruption and arrogance of power is what the Democrats should be focusing on now, not the toppling of DeLay. The real issue for 2006, as evidenced by the move to install another corrupt bastard like Blunt, is that the GOP is a criminal enterprise that has several family bosses ready to step up to keep the crime family business in place. Tying Blunt, DeLay, and Hastert all together into a Tony Soprano narrative can yield good results next year.

Elevating Blunt is good for Democrats. Doesn’t Denny Hastert look pleased in the photo above?

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