Wednesday :: Sep 28, 2005


by dj moonbat

I am really, really stoked to see indictments against Tom DeLay. Even if nothing further comes from it, it's just nice to see bad things happening to bad people every once in a while.

So naturally, I want more. Sometime pretty soon, we will find out the status on Fitzgerald's grand jury. A year in which Karl Rove and Tom DeLay both got indicted would even beat turning 21.

Everywhere I look, I see that the Fitzgerald grand jury is "set to expire in October." I mean it--that exact wording in pretty much every story I've seen. Do any of y'all recall seeing an actual date anywhere? I don't want to waste countless hours scanning headlines in October to see if Indictment Day (which, by the way, should become a liberal holiday) has arrived.

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