Thursday :: Sep 29, 2005

Desperately Seeking Stalin

by eriposte

Who knew that our media is filled with people who would have made Joseph Stalin proud. Nowadays we no longer need air-dropped leaflets or posters from the Government - since many in the TV media happily do the work that politicians and criminals did in yesteryears. I'm talking, of course, about the media propaganda for the most corrupt, lying crook in Congress - Tom Delay.

Thanks to Media Matters, here are today's nominees for the Joseph Stalin Award for Propaganda Excellence.

Presstitutes offers up an equally deserving nominee:

Honorary mentions for muted propaganda (come on guys, don't you want to impress Stalin?):

For those uninclined to be propaganda organs, Think Progress has done tremendous public service. Here is their research:

A history of Delay's unethical and corrupt activities

Delay's deception about his role with TRMPAC

The truth about Travis County prosecuror Ronnie Earle (who has prosecuted far more Democrats than Republicans)

Please be sure to send the facts to your favorite media outlets.

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