Thursday :: Sep 29, 2005

Federal Judge Rules Against Bush Administration - Orders Release Of Abu Ghraib Photos

by Steve

A federal judge ruled this morning that the Bush Administration must release additional Abu Ghraib photos and videos, siding that the public's right to information outweighed claims by the Administration that releasing such information assists in the recruitment of terrorists and weakens our image abroad.

I would argue that Bush has already done plenty to harm our image abroad and done more to assist in the recuitment of terrorists all by himself.

Update: If you want to know why Bush and Rummy will fight to the death to keep these photos and videos from ever seeing the light of day, read this. Seymour Hersh has seen some of the photos and videos, and if what he says is true, the wrath of hell will be upon us and our military from the Islamic world when they come out. And that doesn't include what will happen to Bush for participating in a cover-up of this magnitude after totally minimizing the Abu Ghraib allegations when he had this information from Day One.

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