Thursday :: Sep 29, 2005

As Pentagon Botches Another Claim, Multiple Coordinated Blasts Hit Iraq

by Steve

As Laura Rozen over at War and Peace said today, we can’t believe a thing the Pentagon says. Just a day after the Pentagon was almost bragging about allegedly killing Zarqawi’s Number Two in Iraq, Newsweek (still stinging from the Rove-administered pistol-whipping on the “Korans in the toilets” fiasco) tells us that the Pentagon was wrong once again. Worse yet, as Matt Yglesias tells us, is the probability that Rummy doesn’t have a damn clue who it is he is fighting and who the real enemies are in Iraq.

And if you need any more evidence that Al Qaeda and Zarqawi are self-sustaining forces now in Iraq thanks to George W. Bush, you need look no further than today’s simultaneous multiple car bombings that killed at least 60 Shiites. Oh, and the Pentagon wanted to sneak in the mention that five more of our soldiers from the Second Marine Expeditionary Force were killed yesterday by a bomb.

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