Thursday :: Sep 29, 2005

Why those No's matter

by Duckman GR

The ever intrepid Holden has todays gaggle, and down past the stupid lies of spinnin scottie, there is this exchange [my bolds]:

Q ... When you have issues of Katrina and the race aspect, and then when you have the NAACP itself saying that John Roberts was not a friend to civil rights, of course --


for them to say that, and you have a meeting with -- to meet with the President, there is apparently still a concern that the person will be an extreme conservative, that the person would not maybe be a friend to civil rights, i.e. affirmative action and things of nature, what --

MR. McCLELLAN: And I think the facts have shown otherwise when it comes to Judge Roberts, just to correct the record a little bit.

Q How does -- how does that change, because we understand during the Reagan era he was against affirmative action and certain civil rights issues.

MR. McCLELLAN: April, he has just been confirmed by 78 members of the United States Senate who supported him. And I think that all those questions were fully addressed during the hearing process. And go and look at the record.

Q I did look at the record. Reagan-era records show that he was not --


MR. McCLELLAN: -- most Americans disagree with you based on what the record was.

Replace 78 with 58.

Not so impressive. But now, when he does as I expect him to do, decide just the way rove and cheney want him to, how can the Democrats complain? Sure, I can, Steve can, Judith can, but, alas, we don't have quite the same pull on the process as someone like Carl Levin or Pat Leahy.

These self defeating votes need to stop, Democrats. Because the next SC choice, is going to be some woman and I'll be very surprised if its a nutjob like brown or owens. It's going to be this bush counsel, Harriet E. Miers, that's my guess, and I know nothing about her background but what's in that article.

But she's perfect for the job, for one she's a she, for two, she's bush's counsel and thus can deny access to all sorts of bush/White House records, for three she's following in Big Time Dicks precedent of searching for himself/herself for the job, and lastly, they know all about her.

And she will look reasonable and qualified, and if you could vote for Roberts how could you not vote for her?

See how that works?

That's why you need to say NO. They won't stop, regardless of the score or the circumstances, until you make them stop.

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