Friday :: Sep 30, 2005

Tom DeLay's Culture of Corruption and Criminality

by eriposte

A quick compendium of invaluable DeLay/Earle related posts around the web. I'll try to keep this updated.

1. History of Tom DeLay's unethical and corrupt activities (Think Progress)

2. Tom DeLay's deception about his role in TRMPAC (Think Progress)

3. The truth about prosecutor Ronnie Earle - who has prosecuted more top Democrats than Republicans (Think Progress)

In fact, Earle is a clean enough guy that he prosecuted himself! As this Washington Post article by Charles Babington points out:

Earle even prosecuted himself in 1983, paying a $212 fine for tardy campaign finance disclosure filings.

NOTE: Billmon also has a link to an Esquire article detaling how Karl Rove's dirty tricks campaign and the ridiculous actions of a judge was key to derailing Earle's valid prosecution of (now GOP Senator) Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Corruption). (NOTE: Burnt Orange Report believes Hutchinson was guilty.)

4. The Travis County grand jury is the one that sought DeLay's indictment, not Earle (Billmon)

5. Tom DeLay Exercises His Right To Incriminate Himself (Think Progress)

P.S. Chris Bowers at MyDD suggests a progressive blogosphere "Google bomb" on Ronnie Earle (using the Think Progress link). I am happy to oblige: Ronnie Earle.

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