Friday :: Sep 30, 2005

Body Armor for the Troops - A Response

by Duckman GR

Here's one for the Democrats to ponder this weekend. John over at AMERICAblog has a fine idea on one of those consequences of having idealogical fruitcake thugs running things in this country in conjunction with timid and idea challenged Democrats as ineffectual opposition.

It's time for Democrats to take an obvious issue handed to them by God himself and run with it in an intelligent, strategic way.

We shouldn't be offering stupid amendments to help the soldiers get reimbursed for armor they already purchased (that's the current Democratic plan)...

This is the kind of issue you shut down congress for. I have a very sick feeling that the Dems will do what they always do. Come up with an amendment. Offer it in a vacuum. Don't do any grassroots, any great media, no public events, and absolutely no coordination with the blogosphere other than handing us a press release. You'll simply offer the amendment up ... , let it get voted down, then think you've won.

Please, wake up Democrats. If you don't get it on an issue this obvious, then you aren't going to get it until we basically throw you guys out of office and put some Dems with a backbone and a brain in power. ... These guys on the Hill miss the same opportunities over and over and over again, yet we leave them all in power, and then we wonder why we keep losing.

Please, don't just offer a stupid amendment. Run with this, shut down the building for our troops. Demand that a good amendment, whatever it is, be passed or NOTHING proceeds in Congress (other than perhaps hurricane relief).

That's basically what I've been saying for months, weeks, hours! Surely some savvy Pol like Louise Slaughter or Paul Hackett or Dr. Gov. Chairman Dean or Barbara Boxer could get something going on this, something beyond a stupid amendment that makes a stupid and pointless gesture.

I liked the Bake Sale idea in front of the White House idea. What would they do, arrest them for not having a business permit? Not moving along? Some good thoughts in the comments too.

Go ahead, nothing like some good PR of DEMOCRATS DEMONSTRATING VALUES THROUGH ACTION!!!, eh?

Anybody else have some thoughts on this, please chime in the comments. Maybe we could get something going here, because really, how obvious can it be? (Don't know why I didn't think of it myself, but hey, that's why John gets paid the big bucks!)

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