Saturday :: Oct 1, 2005

Taking A Dive

by pessimist

Sometimes I have to wonder why it is that information that could result in knockout punches for Bu$hCo insiders arrives too late to affect the outcome?

Case in point: Newly minted Chief Justice John Roberts. Compared to some of the other judicial nominees presented to the Senate - William Myers, Leon Holmes, Janice Rogers Brown, William H. Pryor, Claude A. Allen, Charles Pickering and Priscilla Owen - Roberts has to appear as a relatively sane inmate in the asylum.

But why did he get the nod for the Supreme Court and not any of these other wack-jobs previously nominated to Circuit Court positions?

This blogger has an interesting take on the question:

What Did Roberts Do in Florida?

We know that Roberts, who has been pictured as a moderate-tempered and restrained jurist, was in Florida in 2000 as part of the GOP hit squad that planned to get President Bush elected at all costs. [W]hat role did Roberts play in the Bush campaign in 2000 in Florida, where 175,000 votes went uncounted?

Was he part of the obstruction of the recount that was carried out by a small brigade of militant GOP protesters who had been organized by the just-indicted House GOP minority leader Tom DeLay? If he was, if he was part of that action faction/affinity group, then his image as a man of detached and scholarly calm needs a second look. If he wasn't, what exactly did he do in a campaign characterized by disenfranchisement and dirty tricks?

King George likes to reward his faithful minions, so it wouldn't suprise me if this is why Roberts was selected over all the other wingnuts Bu$h has presented as 'qualified' to serve on the bench. We'll see for ourselves if there is anything to this on the flip side.

Here are some pictures of John Roberts looking judicial:

And another one. Again, John Roberts!
Now, look at these two pictures of the GOP mob in Miami: Is that John Roberts?

Was Roberts there too? Sure looks like him -- or could this enthusiastic participant possibly be a "double," a twin, or just a look-alike?

The images were taken from video shot inside the Miami Dade County building when GOP activists, led by propagandist Jim Wilkinson (later the head of the Coalition Media Center in Doha during the war, and media at the 2004 GOP convention in New York), stormed the recount. They aimed to stop it with a disruptive protest, charging "voter fraud. " They claimed, but could not prove, that the Miami election commissioners were stealing votes for Al Gore -- who most observers believe would have won the election if all the votes had been properly counted.

Remember: The 'final official margin of victory' in Florida was only 537 votes

This sordid story and the video appear in Counting on Democracy.

If it can be shown that Roberts was in Florida assisting with the effort to illegally subvert the will of the people as expressed through voting, that would constitute an act of malfeasance, something necessary to impeach a sitting Supreme Court Justice. Then all we would need would be a Congress that was able to act on this.

Somehow, thanks to many factors, I suspect that this isn't going to be, and the American Experiment will have ended once and for all.

I hope Red State America is proud of itself.

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