Sunday :: Oct 2, 2005

Housekeeping Changes

by Mary

We've instituted a couple of changes tonight and will be working on one more important piece during the next week or so. First, one request was to see if we could have more space for the posts, especially for posts that extended past the front page. Now, the extended page is 2 columns, not three and the first page has more space devoted to the posts. This change should make it easier for people to read longer pieces.

The next change (not yet complete) will be to institute requiring commentors to be registered using typekey. We value the feedback and conversation we have through our comment threads but have come to realize we need to have some control over the comments: especially for the occasions when we get multiple visitors, to make sure people who comment are accountable for their words, and to stop the incessant spam comments. If you are a regular commentor, please sign up for a TypeKey account (here) so you can let us know what you think.

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