Monday :: Oct 3, 2005

DeLay: International Evil

by pessimist

Isn't it bad enough, Tommy, that you infest America with your vile presense? Why is it you have to contaminate the Mother Country as well? You are making the Iron Lady rusty!


A DOCUMENT linking Margaret Thatcher to a US corruption probe is so explosive civil servants have been asked to ensure it remains "sealed".

Gee - I wonder why:

In the dossier headed "Secret...wider circulation strictly forbidden", civil servants then warn ministers: "There would be considerable press interest in this case if it were to become public knowledge. "We have been asked by the US to keep this request 'sealed', which we take to mean as confidential as possible."

Which we take to mean that the bitch was up to no good.

Disclosing that US authorities were seeking aid from UK counterparts, a secret Home Office briefing says: "One visit to the UK involved a meeting with Mrs Margaret Thatcher. Evidence is sought from her about that meeting and her involvement in the alleged deception and violation of US criminal laws."

The 79-year-old former Premier is said to have met Congressman Tom DeLay in Britain while he was on a suspected favours-for-freebies scam. In return for his free holiday, DeLay - who resigned as Republican leader of Congress last week after being accused of laundering political funds - allegedly backed legislation favourable to lobby groups.

If Lady Thatcher is found to have been involved in the alleged scam she could face a criminal probe in the US or even be banned from travelling to the country.

And the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tainted tree, does it?

The Thatcher family's reputation has tarnished since she left office. Her son Mark, 52, was fined £265,000 last year for helping to organise an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea.

He's lucky he wasn't imprisoned - which is where he should be. Maybe they will let him have the cell next to his mother.

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