Monday :: Oct 3, 2005

What Does The Public Think Of Bush's Selections?

by Steve

Yes, I know it is an online poll of AOL members, but I found the general theme of the questions and the results to be eye-opening.

AOL Online Poll, as of 8:40 PM Eastern time:

How would you rate Harriet Miers as a Supreme Court pick?

Poor: 54%
Excellent: 18%
Fair: 15%
Good: 13%

Total responses: 115,348

How important is prior judicial experience for a Supreme Court justice?

Very: 60%
Somewhat: 24%
Not at all: 15%

Total responses: 115,348

How would you rate Bush's choice of Dick Cheney?

Poor: 52%
Excellent: 27%
Fair: 11%
Good: 10%

Total responses: 102,576

Well, the initial reaction from the AOL crowd isn't overwhelming on the Miers pick, and the issue of Bush's judgement is now something to think about, especially in the aftermath of the "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job" mistake.

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