Monday :: Oct 3, 2005

Um, Democratic Senators...

by eriposte

Perhaps you wouldn't mind finding out during Ms. Miers' confirmation hearings as to whether she thinks the filibuster is constitutional?

Washington Post (emphasis mine):

The march toward the so-called nuclear option was stopped only after a bipartisan agreement by 14 senators saved the filibuster but allowed some of Bush's most controversial nominees to win Senate confirmation. The deal provides for the filibuster to be used only under "extraordinary circumstances," while calling on the White House to consult more closely with the Senate before forwarding nominees.

But Bush has said that the White House is not part of the agreement, a view Miers echoes.

"It doesn't change what we do," said Miers, who said she routinely talks to senators about possible nominees. The candidates the president put forward, she said, "deserve an up-or-down vote."

Considering that as a SCOTUS judge she may very well be ruling on the constitutionality of filibusters by the time the next nomination comes around (especially Appeals Court nominations) -- after the GOP shreds filibusters -- I would imagine this is something you should check.

Please do.

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