Tuesday :: Oct 4, 2005

Bush: Miers Was The Best I Could Do

by Steve

“I picked the best person I could find.”
--Bush, today, dissing every well-qualified conservative judge in the country.

Bush, with one comment today, tossed twenty years of hard work by the wingers to seize the judiciary into the dumpster when he said the woman down the hall was the best he could do.

With all the pretty American flags lined up as the perfect backdrop for a failing president, Mr. Bush did his best in his press conference this morning to reassure his own base that Harriet Miers was conservative enough to please them. And then he managed to slap in the face Edith Clement, Michael Luttig, and scores of others who have actually served on the bench, many of them people he himself has elevated to the appeals courts. So if for some reason Miers’ nomination goes down in flames, we now know that his next choice of an actual experienced jurist won’t be the best person he could find.

Cronyism outweighs experience every time with Bush. But what the American Taliban is also finding out now is that cronyism also outweighs conservative principles with Bush as well. What he's telling the American Taliban and the cultists is "trust me, I know more than you do; that should be good enough for you." It's the kind of arrogance shown by a man who is used to not being challenged, and who has taken his base for granted for far too long. To him, his base is there to be used for his purposes, and nothing else.

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