Wednesday :: Oct 5, 2005

Miers Is A Tough Sell For Conservatives

by Steve

"I know she is pro-life. She thinks that after conception, it's not a balancing act -- or if it is, it's a balancing of two equal lives."
--Nathan Hecht, Harriet Miers’ on-again, off-again boyfriend and one of the most conservative judges in Texas

“I picked the best person I could find.”
--Bush, yesterday

The Post reports this morning that the White House has received the support of James Dobson and Focus on the Family for the Miers pick, as well as the National Right to Life Committee. But the rest of the American Taliban are withholding their support until the hearings, including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, and the Conservative Women of America. Note in the media coverage so far how many of the Beltway snobs like those at ABC News’ The Note are making a big deal over how the Miers’ pick caught Democrats off guard and unable to gauge her immediately, when in fact it is also true of Bush’s conservative base that they too were not prepared for this pick.

Harry Reid continued his cat and mouse game on the Miers pick by backing somewhat away from his initial comments about Miers, clarifying that he wasn’t endorsing her, but rather wanted her to demonstrate that she could distance herself from her close ties to Bush and rule objectively on cases involving the Administration when they come before the court. This is a clear signal of what Democrats will be focusing on at the hearings: was Miers selected ahead of far worthier candidates simply to be on the court as a crony to protect Bush’s ass? And with several of the 2008 conservatives like Sam Brownback already sounding like they will not support her unless she clearly expresses support for red meat positions that will make Democrats vote against her, it is less than certain that she will be confirmed, no matter what the Beltway types say at this point. Gallup reports that conservatives as a group are less supportive of her now than they were of Roberts.

And what does Miers believe? Well, based on where she goes to church, and her active involvement in that church:

Hecht and other confidants of Miers all pledge that if the Senate confirms her nomination to the Supreme Court, her judicial values will be guided by the law and the Constitution. But they say her personal values have been shaped by her abiding faith in Jesus, and by her membership in the massive red-brick Valley View Christian Church, where she was baptized as an adult, served on the missions committee and taught religious classes. At Valley View, pastors preach that abortion is murder, that the Bible is the literal word of God and that homosexuality is a sin -- although they also preach that God loves everybody.

Yes, and there are those in the center-left blogosphere who advocate that we let Miers get through because if Democrats oppose her and even filibuster her, we will get someone worse.

After Bush has said that she is the best he could find, I am less concerned with whom he will put up next if he loses this battle. Frankly, he should have put up Edith Clement, but she apparently wasn’t better than his attorney down the hall.

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