Wednesday :: Oct 5, 2005

What Does Larry Franklin's Plea Statement Today Mean?

by Steve

Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, who had direct ties into the office of the Secretary of Defense, pled guilty today to two conspiracy counts of providing classified information to AIPAC and the Israeli embassy, and a charge of retaining national security documents. In his plea bargain statement to the court today, he blamed frustration with the government for his actions, and said he did it because he thought that AIPAC could use its connections at the time with Condi's NSC to influence presumably more favorable policies towards Israel.

What? Why was someone with ties to Rummy's office giving documents to AIPAC and the Israeli embassy in the hope that they would lean on Condi? And did Franklin cut a deal with prosecutors to roll on someone higher up? Since his sentencing hearing has been put off until January 20th, it makes you wonder what he'll do for a favorable sentencing recommendation between now and then.

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