Thursday :: Oct 6, 2005

Rove Will Have Another Plame Grand Jury Appearance

by Steve

If you want confirmation that Rove has now been told by Patrick Fitzgerald that is now a target of the Plame investigation Karl Rove suddenly wants will get to talk once again to the Plame grand jury. Rove has asked that he be given will have one more chance to testify to the grand jury, and Fitzgerald is willing to let him, but without any guarantee that anything he says won't be used against him. Rove obviously thinks he can, and needs, to talk his way out of that he has presumably been told that, since Miller's testimony last Friday, he is now a target.

It makes you wonder what Miller told the Grand Jury, huh? Rove's attorney is saying that he hasn't yet received a letter from Fitzgerald that Rove is a target, but for some reason Rove felt feels he needs to make another appearance. It could be that the overnight rumors of twenty-something indictments coming down in the next 24-48 hours had something to do with Rove's sudden desire to talk again.

Remember one thing about this grand jury: it is comprised of a significant number of African Americans, in a post-Katrina environment. So I suspect that a Rovian response of "it wasn't my fault" may not go over well right about now.

Rove made this offer back in July. After Miller's testimony last Friday, Fitzgerald has accepted Rove's offer but without any protection from prosecution. To be fair, you could argue this either way: by accepting the previous offer now, Fitz may be grasping for something after the Miller testimony, or he could be aiming to call Rove's bluff and try and trap him with the testimony.

(Edits for clarity and accuracy made based on additional material in subsequent wire stories, and suggestions by commenters)

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