Thursday :: Oct 6, 2005


by Duckman GR

In THE comments sharkbabe notes that fear seems to be the only club rover has in his bag:

My two MD senators - Sarbanes and Mikulski. He's headed for cushy retirement, she doesn't dare call bullshit on Cheneyco because Rove would out her as a dyke in a second. She fears this and doesn't need to, she would and could be reelected till she's ninety. But fear is Rove's coin of the realm, and it works.

Fear fear fear - driving the Congress, driving the media.

USA, land of the once free, home of the afraid.

Brought to you by our lord and master Karl Rove.

Posted by Sharkbabe at October 5, 2005 04:52 AM

The timidity of many elected Democrats is legion, ‘tis true, but, it must be said that pols do represent their constituents, not just as a practical or political matter, but as a reflection of them as well. It’s a pressure point that bushco has accessed since 9/11, since rummy decided to round up all the usual suspects and go to town, as it were. The tools' speech today was just more, pathetic it’s true, but still, more of the same. Echidne of the Snakes lays it out as well as anyone.

Many of the Democrats have given in to that fear, like Sen. Mikulski. “[S]he would and could be reelected till she's ninety” but yet she hides from her reality, from the truth, as if her people will rise up and smite her. Maybe it’s just the embarrassment factor, maybe it’s listening to too many whispers in the Senate Cloakrooms, but the thugs smell it, just like dogs, and they act on it.

Mikulski’s fear, the Democrats fear, of crossing the “People,” of taking responsibility and the consequences of that act, isn’t limited to politicians. No, it’s infected the entire country. Look at the “Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting” incident, (no, not that incident!) or the endless series of renegade backpacks getting exploded for no good reason.

What was our response to 9/11/01, and what was it to 12/7/41. People got angry about one, and people waited for some callous punk to start spouting vengeance for the other. And then the fear began.

America was shaken to its core. Everything changed. Blah blah blah. And rover just ran with that, fearmongered like nobody’s business, as we indulged and wallowed in our Oprah’s and Dr Phil’s and our fear and shame and misery.

They mixed it up, the fear, general terror warnings, expanding mushroom clouds, terrorists with box cutters across the land. Now we’ve got this bird flu pandemic to worry about. Makes you wonder why bushco wasn't more open to the global warming thing, nothing like biblical floods to scare the heart. As if this vast nation would just fold up its table if we, say, lost a city to the terrorists.

Well, we have lost a city to the terrorists, and we’re still here.

They used the more personal threats, the working threats targeted at specific people or things. Why, I believe we heard one the other day from the bully in chief. What did he say, using the military to quarantine large sections of the country, and then he made some comment about commanding us? There was Ari the Bald telling the reporters their questions were being noted in the building in a menacing tone, reporters jailed in Iraq simply for doing their jobs, they threatened reporters in New Orleans, the 82nd Airborne threatened United States citizens in our country and attempted to deny them their First Amendment rights, reporters in Iraq at the start of the “war” were told that if they accessed certain satellite links without DOD authorization they would find cruise missiles climbing up their asses, and I could go on and on, but you get the point. And so do the reporters.

Then there was the threat to Congress. You remember that one don’t you? Still haven’t found the perps, have they? Democratic Senators, the Majority Leader and one of the more respected Judiciary Committee leaders were attacked by bio-weapons, in the United States Senate, and we still haven’t figured out who?

Busco has done nothing but stir up fear, or inflict fear. That is their one and only tactic. Fear of Homo’s. Fear of Arabs. Fear of Mexicans. Fear of Commies. Fear of Teens. Fear of Terrorists. Fear of Mushroom Clouds. Fear of the Government. Fear of Birds. Fear of Sex. Fear of Flying (thanks to TSA, not birds). Fear of Black People. Fear of Responsibility. Fear of Liberals and Liberalism. Fear of Backpacks. Fear of Death.

But it must be said that their tactics would never have gained traction if we weren’t susceptible to it in some way. We’ve gotten soft and complacent, as witnessed by election turnout, the lack of outrage, the Herculean efforts to put together a protest march. We’ve gotten fat, and fearful of losing our comfortably suburban lives.

We’ve been used. Used by religious freaks, cons of all stripes, rove, cheney, big corporations, used by politicians and manipulators of all sorts. Sorry folks, but, we’re all going to die, sooner or later. Time to deal with it. And in the meantime, deal with the fear.

Reject the fear tactics. Time to stop wallowing in our soft, cushy, materialistic lives, our comforts, our toys, our selfish fear of the unknown, and face it. Time to push back, call these bastards on their scare tactics, and deliver some old fashioned American whup ass in a can. Like some old dead white guy said, The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

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