Friday :: Oct 7, 2005

Dodging The Lightning Bolts

by pessimist

Someone Upstairs must be most upset with Georgie! Yesterday, he's quoted as saying 'God told me to invade Iraq'. Today, after true Christians disclaimed his motivations, maybe someone recognized that they have a few screws to tighten? In order to buy time for this operation, First Liar Scotty McClellan was sent to announce that the White House denies Bush God claims.

I find it very refreshing to hear a Christian take Bu$h to task:

Andrew Blackstock, director of the Christian Socialist Movement, said: "History is littered with examples of people doing the most bizarre and sometimes wicked things on this basis. It is a line of argument that can be used to justify anything without ever being verifiable.

"If Bush really wants to obey God during his time as president he should start with what is blindingly obvious from the Bible rather than perceived supernatural messages. That would lead him to the rather less glamorous business of prioritising the needs of the poor, the downtrodden and the marginalised in his own country and abroad."

Amen, Brother!

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