Friday :: Oct 7, 2005

Just Who Are Our Friends?

by pessimist

One does have to ask this question when it's clear that our 'friends' are playing us for saps! Spies working for Korea, and Russia, Marine officers and veteran FBI agents!

It's bad enough that Israel has been spying on the US for many years, and there are credible reports that five Israeli citizens were partying as the hijcked airliners converted the WTC into Asian-owned scrap metal. Some Israelis even aren't necessarily working in Israel's favor when they are violating our security laws. Sometimes, diplomacy buries any open discussion of espionage by 'friends', or PR in the papers does the job.

Israel spying on us is something that one can almost understand. But the Philippines??? And the spy wasn't exactly subtle in his methods and it still took years for him to get caught?

Still think Bu$hCo has competence? Still glad you voted for them (whether you did or not)?

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