Friday :: Oct 7, 2005


by pessimist

The original purpose of milestones was to guide a traveller toward a destination and to assure that one was still on the right path. Current usage of the term denotes reaching the end of an identifiable stage or segment of a project. A special milestone known as the Zero Milestone exists in Washington DC. As you can see, it's got a Total Zero for a neighbor.


Outside the Beltway, groups of people are combining the original function of milestones with the more modern one in order to send an important message to that Total Zero:

The Freewayblogger Nation is now up and running, with regional groups now formed across the U.S. Freewayblogging, in case you're unfamiliar, is the art of spreading a message to as many people as possible by putting signs on freeways. Lots of them.

Right now there are about 500 of us actively putting up signs against the war, and about 500,000 who want to, so I'm hoping that having regional groups will bring people down off the fence and up on the overpasses.
Our first nationwide action is called "2K Why?" and will occur the day after the 2000th U.S. soldier is killed in Iraq.

As of posting date [10/7/5], US casualties in Iraq total 1951.

Please invite your readers with an interest in speaking out against this war to check us out and join up with the group nearest them. Cardboard, paint and something to say... that's all it takes.

Considering that nothing significant has been achieved through invading sovereign nations, and in fact many things have been made worse, it's time someone read the milestones and got this country headed in the correct direction.

Maybe that someone is you?

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