Friday :: Oct 7, 2005

CBS "60 Minutes" Does Hatchet Job On Clinton Sunday For Freeh's Book

by Steve

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who prevented John O'Neill from pursuing Osama Bin Laden, and who allowed the FBI to fall behind in the pursuit of terrorism in the 1990's, is now out selling a book to clear his name. In the book, he attacks Bill Clinton in an effort to deflect attention from his own failings. Yet when the Clinton camp wanted someone to go on camera to refute what Freeh was alleging, "60 Minutes" refused after Clinton himself said he wouldn't engage in the matter. So CBS is allowing Freeh to hawk his book when he is lying on camera without being challenged on his lies.

It's good to see where Mike Wallace's and "60 Minutes'" priorities are, as another tool for the White House and Mighty Wurlitzer.

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