Friday :: Oct 7, 2005

As Bush Insists That Miers Will Be Confirmed, More Conservative Defect

by Steve

There’s more this morning on Bush’s problems with his own base in getting Harriet Miers confirmed to the Supreme Court. Even as Bush says confidently that she will be confirmed over the chorus of displeasure within the conservative ranks, another two pundits now say that Miers should withdraw.

First, Charles Krauthammer says it, and then William Kristol says it.

And how does Bush plan to overcome opposition to Miers? By touting her conversion to evangelical Christianity. Yeah, being a born again Christian sure does overcome her total lack of judicial experience, doesn’t it? Never mind the right wing hypocrisy involved in touting Miers’ born again qualifications for the job while bashing Democrats from questioning Roberts about his.

She's not being nominated for chief of missionary work at her church here, she's being nominated as the best conservative jurist the GOP could find in the country. Her conversion to evangelical Christianity is irrelevant given her lack of qualifications and the cronyism that got her the gig. This really is Michael Brown all over again.

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