Friday :: Oct 7, 2005

Justice Department Nominee With Abramoff And Abu Ghraib Ties Withdraws Nomination

by Steve

Timothy Flanigan, currently the senior counsel at Tyco and formerly a deputy for Alberto Gonzales at the White House Counsel's office while both of them crafted the Abu Ghraib torture policies, has withdrawn his name from consideration to be Gonzales' Number Two at the Department of Justice. Flanigan's nomination had been held up by Judiciary Committee Democrats, specifically by Pat Leahy, because every time Flanigan gave them answers to their questions, it generated even more questions.

Flanigan claims he is withdrawing because the post needs to be filled quicker by nominating someone else. That is utter crap. Flanigan has withdrawn because he is knee-deep with Jack Abramoff, Abu Ghraib, and whatever else Gonzales did to cover up for the White House while both served in the Counsel's office.

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