Friday :: Oct 7, 2005

Miers Supports Legislating From The Bench When It Comes To Trial Attorneys

by Steve

Harry Reid may want to read this. Remember all that talk from Bush about Harriet Miers not wanting to legislate from the bench. Sure, tell me another one.

It turns out that, contrary to the nice words Reid tossed her way about being open minded towards trial lawyers, Miers actually trashed them back in Texas, and actually advocated for “judicial supremacy” to allow the state Supreme Court sole discretion over trial attorneys. Miers was against a law that left the regulation of attorney fees in the hands of the legislature, and instead argued that only a conservative-stacked Texas Supreme Court should regulate trial lawyers. In other words, she supported legislating from the bench when it comes to consumer protection attorneys. Of course, as a corporate attorney, she is fine with letting corporations buy their influence through the legislature.

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