Saturday :: Oct 8, 2005

So Much For The Flypaper Rationale

by Steve

Even though the Bush Administration and New York city officials are talking like they aren't on the same page about the subway threat that Homeland Security deemed of "doubtful credibility", there is one significant element of this story that is seemingly being overlooked. The threat warning was generated based on information obtained in Iraq, and has now led to the arrest of three people in that country, with a fourth still being sought. And even if the Bush Administration is trying to downplay the importance of the tip, and tipster, who has been credible in the past, there is a troubling element here.

Iraq is awash with people who have a grudge against the United States. We now know that the "flypaper" theory behind the Bush Administration occupation is worthless, if those armies of people are now plotting to come over here and attack us.

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