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by pessimist

Bork calls Miers nomination a 'disaster'

Damn! The pot really is being called black by the kettle!

MSNBC-TV's Tucker Carlson talks to former judge and Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork about the Harriet Miers' nomination. He says it's, "a disaster on every level" because she has "no experience with constitutional law whatever". The nomination is a "slap in the face" to conservatives.

Bork also seems to imply that Miers' nomination is some kind of affirmative action:

I think this idea that it’s important to have a woman’s perspective, or something of that sort, begins to treat the Supreme Court like a legislature, in which everybody has to be—all groups have to be represented in some way. And that’s exactly the wrong message to send.

And Bork goes on to admit that he had once sent 'wrong messages':

CARLSON: When you were nominated for the Supreme Court, did you discuss with President Reagan, or anybody in his administration, your specific views on Roe v. Wade, or other issues that might come before the court?

BORK: No, I didn’t have to because I had them all in writing, which was my mistake. The Book of Job says, “Oh, that my adversary had written a book!” Well, if you write a book or articles as I had, you give hostages to fortune. So they didn’t have to ask me; they knew where I was.

We know where Miers is.

Bork has an interesting take on the pending confirmation:

I think [her chances of being confirmed are] probably pretty high because — and this should give the president some pausethey’re pretty high because the Democrats seem to like her.
I think that ought to give him reason to think that maybe he made a mistake.

Carlson asks Bork about the Bu$h supporter view on Miers:

Well, those who are involved in the process have some reason to stick with the White House — not because they believe what the White House has done is wise, but they can’t jump overboard with this decision.

In other words, they know that they are going the wrong way, but they can't - or won't - do anything to alter course!

Bork and Carlson then discuss the conservative view on Miers:

BORK: [E]verybody else I’ve talked to ranges between disapproval and outrage.

CARLSON: Interesting. Well, I hope those voicing disapproval and outrage carry the day. I agree with you completely.

You're done, George! Go find Bab$ and tell her $he want$ you.

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