Sunday :: Oct 9, 2005

Hey Look! It's Joe Wilson!

by pessimist

Someone on another thread mentioned that Joe Wilson wasn't making himself evident with all of the legal activity out of Patrick Fitzgerald last week. Our Wrong-Wing Wregulars were chanting loudly "Joe will be indicted" as if that was going to make it happen their way.

What do I discover this morning but an article on Joe Wilson! He was speaking at the Oregon Democratic Party summit (yes, yes, we understand that it was a partisan gathering every bit as much as George's 'town hall meetings' from last year!) and had a few things to say about Owwer Leedur:

"We are feared and reviled and viewed as another imperial power," he said. "Iraq is possibly the dumbest of all wars fought for the wrong reasons.
"This president has no credibility, he has failed us," Wilson said.

He said the "president's men" have "defamed and slandered citizens who have done nothing more than bring truth to power," in a reference to attacks against him after he accused the White House of manipulating intelligence information to justify the Iraq invasion.

The resulting war that he said was justified by "lies and deceptions" has cost the nation "more in international support than anyone could have imagined.

"The American occupation, far from being the solution, is the problem."
He said he isn't for a precipitous withdrawal of American troops from Iraq but that he believes "there will be civil war whenever we leave" or possibly sooner because of strife the country's proposed constitution. Adoption of the constitution "will almost certainly guarantee the institutionalization of civil war," he said.

He said the proposal is essentially "a negotiated truce between the Shiite and Kurds" that does nothing to deal with legitimate Sunni grievances.

Doesn't sound like a man on the defensive to me! Maybe our Wrong-Wing Wregulars got their information from a poorly-chosen source? Like FAUX 'News'?

And they wonder why they are viewed as the Wrong-wing!

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