Monday :: Oct 10, 2005

Compare The Response Time

by Steve

As aid begins to pour into the quake-affected areas of Pakistan and India, note the following:

Navy Rear Admiral Michael Lefever has been charged with setting up the center in Islamabad, to help coordinate the U.S. response to the quake that struck South Asia on Saturday.
Three cargo planes arrived in Islamabad on Monday with blankets, tents, prepared meals, plastic sheeting and water. Four more flights were expected, including one carrying Lefever and a disaster response team.
Among the initial supplies headed to Pakistan were 12 pallets of food and medicine from U.S. supplies in Qatar and Kuwait, 5,000 blankets, 5,000 water containers and 250 rolls of plastic sheeting, to be used by about 2,500 families.
The Pentagon was also preparing to send heavy lift and supply helicopters from Bahrain and Afghanistan, along with other engineering support.

The quake struck Saturday. Within two days, the Bush Administration had already started delivering blankets, tents, food, and water. Plus, water, food, blankets, and medicine for 2500 families will arrive in Pakistan tomorrow. More importantly, heavy lift and supply helicopters and engineering support will be there immediately.

Now, tell me again, how many days did it take the Bush Administration to get the same supplies and equipment into New Orleans and Mississippi in the wake of Katrina?

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