Tuesday :: Oct 11, 2005

As Their Agenda Crumbles, GOP Lowers Bar On Success While Democrats Gain Their Voice

by Steve

"They're seeking to cut $35 billion from programs the American people not only want but deserve, and in addition to that their budget resolution calls for $70 billion in tax cuts. With Katrina, with this war out of control, with the economy the way it is, I can't imagine how they would have the moral low ground to bring up reconciliation."
--Harry Reid

"We don't understand why many Republicans believe that helping victims of Katrina meet their urgent needs and rebuilding the Gulf Coast require an offset, but rebuilding Baghdad or giving tax cuts to the wealthy does not."
--Nancy Pelosi and John Spratt

Margaret Talev of the Sacramento Bee runs a good piece today on how the GOP agenda for this year and next year has gone kaput, and how the GOP is lowering the bar to redefine success this year. There are also indications in the piece that Democrats are starting to get their footing in challenging the White House and GOP to justify why domestic spending cuts are necessary to pay for Katrina, when the GOP didn't have the guts to call for them in the past to pay for upper income tax cuts or to rebuild Iraq. And if you want to see how two different newspapers can look at the issue of “offsets”, take a look at how the Post reports the GOP will have a problem dealing with spending cuts and poverty issues. And then look at Bill Keller’s New York Times spin the issue in favor of the Republicans. Keller's invitation to the White House Christmas party seems secure.

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