Tuesday :: Oct 11, 2005

Judy Meets Fitz Today, But Where Is The Times In All Of This?

by Steve

Jay Rosen asks a series of good questions, starting with why Bill Keller’s New York Times has gone silent on what Judy Miller knew and when she knew it, and more importantly, what the Times knew and when did it know it? With Miller meeting Fitzgerald today for what may be a tense meeting about those now-“discovered” notes of her meeting/call/rendezvous with Scooter in June 2003, perhaps we can also ask if Keller is being quiet because he is getting a cut of Miller’s purported $50,000 per appearance speaking fees through the end of 2007? Yes, the Times says that Miller does not have speaking engagements on her calendar through 2007, but that assumes that Miller will be at the Times, doesn’t it? After all, as Jane Hamsher notes over at FireDogLake, they now know that she has lied to them about when she first “met” Scooter.

Photo courtesy of the New York Post

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