Tuesday :: Oct 11, 2005

Is Fitzgerald Waiting To See Who Will Flip First?

by Steve

I agree with Josh Marshall. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the AP for some reason is writing Karl Rove’s political obituary here, emphasizing his ties to Bush. And after seeing what Murray Waas wrote this afternoon about Scooter withholding information about his June 2003 “meeting” with Judy Kneepads from Fitzgerald and the grand jury, I’d say that the AP better write a political obit for Libby too. It looks to me that someone is selectively leaking stuff to the media either from Fitzgerald’s office (not likely) or from Miller’s attorneys (more likely, for survival or revenge) to get Libby to flip on someone else.

And for more entertainment, notice that Bill Frist has been making money off his family’s company outside of the blind trust, while he has been handling and voting on legislation that affects that company. Put a fork in him.

But at least Dick Cheney will have plenty of money from his Halliburton stock options to pay the legal bills for both Scooter and Mullah Frist. (Hat tip to Raw Story)

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