Wednesday :: Oct 12, 2005

Miller Leaves Final Grand Jury Appearance All Smiles Today

by Steve

Judy Kneepads finished her final appearance in front of the Plame grand jury a little while ago, spending a little more than an hour. It sounds like she was there just long enough to get something on the record in front of the panel, and then she was done.

In other words, just long enough to hang someone else.

She was all smiles as she left the courthouse. Note the strange initial, unprompted thought by Alberto Gonzales this morning when he offered an opinion on NBC’s “Today” show as to why Miller was returning for another appearance:

"This prosecutor may have new information that may contradict prior testimony…"


This comes after House Democrats sent a letter to Fitzgerald yesterday requesting that he issue a final, public report on his inquiry and his prosecutorial decisions, to ensure that he was able to finish his work without political influence. Very savvy move here, to raise the specter that Fitzgerald would be rolled by the White House, when in fact such a request ensures that Fitzgerald will not be.

(Hat tip to Raw Story)

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