Thursday :: Oct 13, 2005

The Death of Journalism

by eriposte

UPDATE: As Atrios notes, Judy actually did reveal the identity of her source (Lewis Libby) after all, which makes it the second time (see below). Also, if anyone lives in or near Las Vegas or Cal State Fullerton, please consider making an appearance there to voice your disagreement. SPJ's website notes that: "Miller’s speech is scheduled for 8:15 to 9 a.m. in Grand Ballroom 4 at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino...For information about covering this program, contact Julie Grimes, Deputy Executive Director, Society of Professional Journalists, at (317) 431-3785." [Please be polite and give them the facts (below)].

ANOTHER UPDATE: I spoke to Julie Grimes (at the number above) and politely registered my concern that they are putting their reputation on the line for a person who has now outed two sources (Lewis Libby and Amy Smithson) and deliberately misled the Valerie Plame grand jury. Her response: "I appreciate your call".
Now, we all know that there just isn't enough water in the world for a good shower after reading Richard Cohen's column.

But, infinitely worse is this egregious, hideous, institutionalized crapping all over the profession of journalism (via Jane at Firedoglake):

New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who spent 85 days in jail for refusing to reveal her source to federal prosecutors investigating who leaked the name of an undercover CIA agent, will pick up a First Amendment Award at the 2005 Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Convention & National Journalism Conference on Oct. 18 in Las Vegas.

According to a press release for the event, Miller will speak to participants and then join a panel discussion titled "The Reporter's Privilege Under Siege." Joining Miller on the panel are Associated Press reporter Josef Hebert, Patricia Hurtado of Newsday, and Bruce Sanford of Baker and Hostetler law firm.

The Society of Professional Journalists, dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism and stimulating high standards of ethical behavior, was founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi.

The convention opens Sunday.

A First Amendment Award for one of the top liar-propagandists for a criminal administration, and a so-called reporter who made up a quote and carelessly outed an anonymous source, who has a deep-seated contempt for facts, who deliberately misled a grand jury investigating a serious crime about a conversation she had with a senior and powerful Government official [Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff I. Lewis Libby] who is involved in a crime and with whom she has more than just a casual relationship with.

What the hell is wrong with these people? What has this country come to?

Do the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) care at all about journalism or the First Amendment? What a complete, complete disgrace! It's hard to believe this is the United States of America. It feels more like SPJ awarding Pravda a First Amendment Award in Communist U.S.S.R.

Here is a website providing a contact list with names, phone numbers and email addresses of SPJ officers. Please use it since SPJ welcomes "free speech" (be polite).

And while you're at it, here's another abomination about to occur as Jane points out in the same post:

Update: I guess Judy has better things to do than sweat over her impending story. Per reader Stephen J., Judy will also make a special appearance this weekend at an event at Cal State Fullerton by the [California] First Amendment Coalition honoring Mark Felt. From the press release:

Miller, who went to jail to honor a pledge of confidentiality to her sources, will present a special award Saturday honoring Mark Felt (aka "Deep Throat"), the ultimate confidential source.

I will unfortunately be otherwise engaged, but if anyone goes, please do email and dish. You can find more about this revolting mockery of the First Amendment here.

Indeed, you'll notice that Judith Miller and Floyd Abrams are the special guests! Contact information for CFAC is here.

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