Saturday :: Oct 15, 2005

Shall We Say, Flip-Flop?

by eriposte

Judith Miller, circa May 2004, talking about some of her WMD coverage:

"You know what," she offered angrily. "I was proved f***ing right. That's what happened. People who disagreed with me were saying, 'There she goes again.' But I was proved f***ing right."

Judith Miller, circa October 2005, talking about all of her WMD coverage:

W.M.D. - I got it totally wrong...

Of course, in typical Miller style, she hastens to add a lie:

The analysts, the experts and the journalists who covered them - we were all wrong.

No, Ms. Mil-liar, not every analyst, not every expert and not every journalist got it wrong.

There were some who got it right - from day one. For example, you can call some real journalists at Knight-Ridder to take a class on Introductory Journalism for Stenographers.

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