Sunday :: Oct 16, 2005


by pessimist

Our Blog Lord seems to be sleeping in this morning, so I'll open the floor for discussion.

I just finished watching Louis Freeh on Mete The Cess attempt to turn the 'competency' commentary gun against Bill Clinton in an effort to distract the discussion of Bu$hCo ineptitude one more time, as demonstrated both by Condi's failure to get Pooty-Poot's cooperation cencerning Iran's nuclear program, and the continued process of New Orleans going wanting, this time the business community itself - a segment of the population that should be a natural Bu$hCo ally.

I doubt Freeh's effort will work. Why? What will they do and say in New Orleans - and the nation as a whole - when the tropical storm that will become Wilma heads for the Gulf Coast to add her wrack to the existing ruin?

Your turn!

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