Sunday :: Oct 16, 2005

Wall Street Journal Claims Evangelicals Assured Miers Would Overturn Roe v. Wade

by Steve

So, if you were running a campaign to overcome doubts amongst your evangelical base that your unqualified Supreme Court nominee wasn’t conservative enough, what would you do? Well, maybe you would find a right wing pundit who could be counted on to do your bidding, who himself has never been a journalist. And you would plant a story with that pundit about secret assurances given to evangelical leaders that your nominee would be a safe, secret vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Planting this story allows you to placate your base, with one more “trust us” moment, while seeing if you can get the Democratic opposition to come out of its shoes to go after the nominee for her evangelical, anti-Roe beliefs, thereby energizing your heretofore sleepy base.

Memo to Dems: Don’t go for the pitch in the dirt. Pin her down on this at the hearing and don’t give the wingnut base any reason to get engaged on this fight any sooner than you have to.

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