Monday :: Oct 17, 2005

Looks Like The Iraqis Have Learned From Jeb And Cruella

by Steve

Looks like our friends in the Iraqi government have learned their lessons in Bush-style democracy well. I bet they can spell f-r-a-u-d. Who is their consultant, Ken Blackwell?

Iraqi election officials said today that they were investigating what they described as "unusually high" vote totals in 12 Shiite and Kurdish provinces, where as many 99 percent of the voters were reported to have cast ballots in favor of Iraq's new constitution, raising the possibility that the results of Saturday's referendum could be called into question.
Members of the Iraqi election commission declined to speak about the announcement of the investigation. But an official with knowledge of the ballot counting said that the 12 provinces where the "yes" votes exceeded 90 percent all had populations that were either majority Shiite or Kurdish. Leaders from those communities strongly endorsed the proposed constitution. More than one of those provinces, the official said, reported that 99 percent of the ballots counted had been cast in favor of the constitution.
None of the provinces cited for a closer look had Sunni majorities.

Sure, I suppose it’s possible that 99 percent of those who went to the polls in those Shiite and Kurdish provinces voted for the constitution. But didn’t we used to disparage any regime that announced its leadership got 99 percent of the vote in an election? Hell, Saddam used to get 99 percent of the vote, and Bush said he needed to be toppled. But if you really think that there weren’t at least ten percent of the Shia who were against the charter for various reasons, then you probably believe in the single gunman theory as well.

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