Monday :: Oct 17, 2005

Tuesday's Post Says Fitzgerald May Announce His Indictments Wednesday - Cheney's Feud With CIA May Be Tied To Plame's Outing

by Steve

OK Kids, get the popcorn.

The Post is going with a Page One in Tuesday’s edition which says that Fitzgerald has assembled evidence that Dick Cheney’s long-running tensions with the CIA contributed to Valerie Plame’s exposure, and that Fitzgerald will be announcing his results from the grand jury in Washington instead of Chicago. This indicates that Fitzgerald will have findings and indictments, and not just close his report, according to the Post.

And one other thing: the Post says that rumors are out there that Fitzgerald may announce what he has as soon as Wednesday. And why should you give this report credence? Because it was written by Mr. CIA Walter Pincus.

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