Tuesday :: Oct 18, 2005

Conservatives Start Fighting Each Other

by Steve

Want some evidence that the conservative monopoly within the GOP under Bush is showing signs of unraveling, aside from what is going on with Plamegate? Here are some examples of intraparty problems going on right now.

Conservative commentator Bruce Bartlett, who has been a pundit posing as an academic for over a decade at a conservative "think tank" in Texas, was giving the boot by the National Center for Policy Analysis because he was about to publish a book asserting that Bush is no heir to Reagan, and no true conservative. Bartlett had also come out against Harriet Miers, and for that he was dumped.

Conservatives have decided that the problem isn’t with Bush himself, but with the staff around him. So they have trained their guns on White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, as evidenced in this revealing piece in today’s Times.

Read how Jack Abramoff and Ohio GOP representative Bob Ney have turned against each other, now that the former is under indictment and the latter is about to be.

And one of the causes for this conservative rancor is of course, the Harriet Miers nomination, which was handled by Andy Card. Peter Baker in today’s Post reports that there won’t be the usual conservative support for Miers, and the White House is finding that its own base is now no longer willing to swallow the “trust us” dictums.

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