Tuesday :: Oct 18, 2005

The More Light Is Shined On Miers, The Worse It Gets

by Steve

The more Harriet Miers talks, the worse it seems to get. Yesterday she made the rounds once again on Capitol Hill and managed to send off contradictory signs about how she view Roe v. Wade. Arlen Specter originally thought after talking with her yesterday that Miers supported the basic privacy argument underpinning Griswold, a 1965 case regarding a woman’s right to contraceptives. Miers herself gave Specter the impression that she supported a woman’s right to privacy, yet she reversed that later in the day. And that was after Dianne Feinstein admitted that Miers will face opposition from both the right wing and Democrats.

So what does she actually believe about Roe? Well, her Senate questionnaire was released this morning, and guess what? Back in 1989, she supported prohibiting abortions, except when the life of the mother is in danger. This means that she is willing to force women to deliver babies resulting from rape.

Yet she will not be pure enough for many conservatives, as it now appears that there will be an organized campaign against her from the right, led by former Bush speechwriter David Frum, in an effort to get her to withdraw. And the Washington Times reports that conservative senators and representatives have been getting flamed by the base on Miers.

But at least, as we expected, she is a strong believer in an omnipotent executive branch, and she always shows how much of a hero-worshipper she is.

And all of this is coming as a result of a failed sales job by the White House, one that has seen interest groups on both the left and right hold their fire and money until the hearings begin, even while others hope that these hearings never come.

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