Tuesday :: Oct 18, 2005

Wipe Out!

by pessimist

With the pending indictments of numerous Bu$hCo cronies, not excluding according to some reports pRedzident of Vice Richard Bruce Cheney, this item should be of serious concern to those who helped Bu$hCo gut the country's local governments of operating funds:

Indiana jail running out of toilet paper

The Monroe County Jail is within 10 days of running out of the most basic supplies, including toilet paper and cleaning materials, the jail commander says... Council President Mark Stoops said Monday that a majority of the Council felt there was enough money in the jail budget to stretch things to the end of the year on supplies.

Indiana is a solid Red State. If this is the financial status of a Good Red State, in what condition will the Federal Prison that receives Big Time Dick and Scooter and Karl be like? Many lurid images come to mind as to how these Topper$ will deal with personal hygiene under such conditions!

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