Wednesday :: Oct 19, 2005

Jacob Weisberg Is An Ostrich

by Steve

It’s bad enough we have to tolerate nimrods like Richard Cohen. But we apparently also have to accept asshats like Slate editor Jacob Weisberg, who bemoans the fact that liberals are gloating about the Plame investigation. Why does Weisberg bemoan the reaction of liberals to the Bush Administration’s troubles in this case? Because of the damage that Patrick Fitzgerald’s inquiry will do to a free press. Oh, please Jacob, what world do you live in? Does the rule of law, the lack of a free press, the official embrace of propaganda, and the willing complicity of our corporate media in a massive disinformation campaign against our own citizens mean anything to you?

Hold the schadenfreude, blue-staters. Rooting for Rove's indictment in this case isn't just unseemly, it's unthinking and ultimately self-destructive. Anyone who cares about civil liberties, freedom of information, or even just fair play should have been skeptical about Fitzgerald's investigation from the start. Claiming a few conservative scalps might be satisfying, but they'll come at a cost to principles liberals hold dear: the press's right to find out, the government's ability to disclose, and the public's right to know.

Can Weisberg point to an example or examples of where the media has been impeded from finding out what really has been going on these last five years. Yes, that’s right, such examples have been abundant, but routinely squashed by the Bush Administration’s secrecy and fire walling of documents behind executive privilege. This, coupled with a cuckolded media has created an environment where the public knows less about this government than any other in recent American history. Yet instead of holding the media accountable for their failings here, a media that Weisberg is a part of, he thinks we have more to fear from a prosecutor who is interested in accountability.

Then there are these examples of “pull your head out of your ass Jacob” thinking:

You need a pretty low opinion of people in the White House to imagine they would knowingly foster the possible assassination of CIA assets in other countries for the sake of retaliation against someone who wrote an op-ed they didn't like in the New York Times.

Really Jacob? You really don’t know these people and their “ends justifies the means” approach to life after five years, do you?

Losing a sense of proportion, and of reality, is an occupational hazard when arguing about politics. But Joseph Wilson's accusation that administration officials outed his wife to punish him for speaking up was never really credible.

Weisberg believes Judy Miller’s account that this was really nothing more than a manifestation of the CIA versus Dick Cheney feud. Apparently, even after working in the rarified air of the Beltway these last five years, Weisberg knows nothing about the Office of Global Communications and the White House Iraq Group, nor does he acknowledge that Cheney’s office asked for a “work-up” on Wilson even before Wilson’s column was published.

So add Weisberg to the Cohen list of Kool Aid Drinkers.

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