Thursday :: Oct 20, 2005

Treasongate: Kill the Fake Rumors

by eriposte

I am seeing rumors published in many blogs about indictments or what not - including stuff that is obviously fake. It is one thing to comment on a report from a news outlet (Raw Story included). It is another thing to publish rumors from contacts with unknown or dubious credibility. I understand everyone wants to find unofficial channels of information on this story but if we are not careful it will hurt the credibility of the lefty blogosphere. Let's not take pages out of Power Line or other crackpot sites that publish just about anything they hear without any critical analysis or consideration.

In the end, Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation is a serious matter. I have said this before and I will say it again. I have no idea if he is going to issue *any* indictments. For all you know he may not. (Of course, I hope he indicts the entire WHIG since their actions and behaviors have become quite clear now). So, rather than feed a frenzy about indictments (and then be disappointed) let's try to ensure that the sources of our information are credible and trustworthy.

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