Thursday :: Oct 20, 2005

Bush Pledges To Continue Ignoring What's Right Under His Nose

by Steve

Bush said this morning that he would focus on the nation’s business instead of paying attention to the background chatter and noise caused by multiple investigations and criminal inquiries of the GOP and White House. Why should he change now?

This is nothing out of character for him, given that he also ignored the background chatter and noise from the August 6, 2001 PDB to focus on the remainder of his vacation that year. It is also not out of character for him to ignore the discussions he himself had with his chief political aide about his “clumsy” effort to destroy political opponent Joe Wilson and his wife, even as Bush lied to the country for two years about the role of his own staff in the smear campaign, and in claiming that he didn’t know who was involved in such activities.

So keep on ignoring the chatter Mr. President. Ignoring things that you don’t want to deal with is the one damn thing at which you excel.

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