Thursday :: Oct 20, 2005

Neither Chertoff Nor Brown's Underlings At FEMA Could Get Him To Respond To Anything Except His Dinner Plans

by Steve

A FEMA regional director has given testimony to the Senate this morning that directly contradicts the self-serving, “it’s the locals’ fault” spin job from Michael Brown last month. Marty Bahamonde told the Senate this morning that contrary to the lies Brown told Congress last month, he gave Brown early and repeated warnings that not enough was being done to get food and water into New Orleans, and he told Brown very early about the worsening situation in the Superdome. Yet Brown never responded immediately, but his staff was worried about Brown’s dinner arrangements in Baton Rouge. Brown’s boss told the Senate yesterday that he couldn’t reach Brown until the day after the storm hit, and even then not until 8 PM. And while it becomes clear that Mike Brown’s priorities were elsewhere, New Orleans is welcoming home its white citizens but seemingly is not as hospitable to the former residents of the Ninth Ward, who are still barred from returning to their neighborhood.

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